MDCrack how to crack hashes (MD4/MD5/NTLM1)

MDCrack is a powerful and fast hash cracker. It can brute force MD5, MD4 and NTLM1 hashes. MDCrack is mainly a CMD tool but there is a GUI available. It is available for Windows and for Linux.


MDCrack is easy to use but first we will need a hash to test, you can generate one using your Linux terminal or one of the many websites available.

To generate an md5 hash in Linux you can use the following command

echo -n [text to hash] | md5sum

I have already used this command to generate the hash to the word ‘pass’


To crack an md5 hash run the following command : 

mdcrack -M MD5 1a1dc91c907325c69271ddf0c944bc72

For more options type :

mdcrack -h

And then the hash will be brute forced. The time it takes to crack it depends on the size of the password, the password we used was short so it was cracked in under a second.

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