Cracking archives with rarcrack

Rarcrack is a handy tool used for cracking encrypted archives. It can be very useful if you forget the password to an encrypted archive. It supports zip, 7z and rar. But on the downside it is slow, the cracking speed depends mainly on your CPU.


rarcrack [archive] [options]

The options :
       –help displays the help file
       –type [rar/zip/7z] set the archive type
       –threads [2-12] set the number of threads default 2 max 12

If you are not running the command as root, you need to add sudo.


For this example i created an encrypted 7z archive with a small 2 character password, lets crack it.

To start cracking the password we need to run the following command.

rarcrack secret.7z --type 7z --threads 12

When you run rarcrack, it starts brute forcing the password, until its found.

Now we can open the archive.

And view its contents

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